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Hello and Welcome

Whether by accident or design you have arrived at a no nonsense site designed to introduce you to the Christ of the Christian Gospels or, if already a believer, to further the faith you already have in Him. Here you will find no slickly designed site holding out a begging bowl for subscriptions, for the Word of God cannot be bought except with the offering of an abiding Love for Him and for others. You will find in the site's discourses an introduction to just a few of the  component parts of the Christian faith, so let us begin to tread together, with a minmum of obfuscation, the road that leads directly into the always welcoming heart of God and into just a small part of His mysteries.

Who are chosen? Each and every member of the human race is invited to live with God in a state of Joy and Love for all eternity; but many ridicule and revile the prospect. They are busy coping with their so-called daily reality and have far more important things to do.   God Himself has given His own son, that we might be saved and many make fun of it. God Himself came in the flesh, lived among us and then underwent a grisly death for our sake, and people make light of it. Then there are those who, like brute beasts, boast; “We don't believe you exist, and we sure don't give a damn about your son."  Some just spurn the invitation whilst others blaspheme and persecute the messengers with some even killing them. 

Hardly surprising that it is few indeed who are chosen!

But if we do the will of God then eternal life is ours, and this is no mere continuity of existence for that is worthless. Eternally we will possess a being that is one with the Essential Life. In simple terms we will become a part of God's very essence.

Life in this world is where we are offered schooling for the eternal. We've been given the freewill to refuse or accept it and so the choice is ours. Never doubt that it is our actions in this world which will, for all eternity, affect the quality of our lives in the next.

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