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Those who look forward to the time when they will know as they are known must let that understanding stream forth upon their neighbours. 

Let no one teach the Christian Faith who knows not Christ.

Many turn away from any truth the intellect cannot formulate and so a zeal for God will never consume them. Why should it? God is not of interest to them.

When we become one with God what can we do but live forever.

Real creativity does not exist as all efforts to be so are simply a reworking of existing elements.  Who can make a fourth dimension? Who can add a new colour to a rainbow?

Who is more a child of God? Those who possess a thousand houses or those who without one of their own possess a dozen in which their knock at the door would cause instant pleasure to those inside.

Matthew 13: 58. Those Nazareens could have believed in Jesus as their Saviour from the Romans but not as Saviour from their sins for they loved their sins.

The artificial light which we now shine on our deeds and on those of others is as that of a firefly when compared to the dazzling, trillion megawatt light shone on us on Judgement Day by the Light and Life of the World. 

Science looking for God is like the goat seeking out the tiger.

The life of a true Christian consists neither in its length of days nor in the ease of the body.

This universe is God's workshop for the bringing forth of the righteous to fill His house of love.

God is enriched by giving and we are enriched by receiving.

When we do as the Master tells is then we will soon come to understand that obedience is the opener of eyes.

It requires a pure heart for us to have clean hands.

A Christian must not choose his neighbour but must take the one whom God sends.

Christ's death washed away our sins and His resurrection disabled death, and that is what must be believed. The 'how' and 'why'  are not Christianity, they are simply theories about how it works.

God sees us not as we are but as we shall be.

There are many who want their Christian faith to endorse their earthly lifestyle but this can never happen.

A temporal life not well spent means all eternity not well spent.

It is unbelief which stands in the way of salvation.

No ambition to be a motive for action; no wish to surpass another; no longing after the praise of others for these are worldly desires and worthless if eternal life with God is our aim.

When you ask God to draw nearer to you remember that He is already in you.

Many find it easier to pray for someone than to visit them.

The tree of knowledge will never prove to be the tree of life for humankind.

No real good can ever grow in the soil of injustice.

God revealed to us His Divine Humility when He became a babe and fed at a peasant woman's breast.

Those whose Heavenly hopes are  small cannot grow much.

When someone finds God then that which he has is called 'religion' by those who have not yet found Him..

When each and every mortal dies they don the cloak of immortality.

When a Christian dies and leaves this mortal life then school for them has finished and holidays have begun.

Whilst time and fashions might change how morality is perceived, Truths, as expressed in the Gospels cannot and never will change.

Each and every one of us is a temple of the living God, sadly defiled, maybe, but if God ever leaves it then that body becomes a ruin and no longer fit for habitation.

The Will and the Conscience of a Christian should combine like two raindrops on a windowpane.

Christians are called to BE; not to Judge. "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." (Matthew 7: 1.)

Does God care more for suns and planets than for His children.. Hardly, for these things are but a part of His workshop and tools for the bringing forth of righteous men and women to fill His house of Love.

Egocentric pride entered the minds of our early ancestors and urged on in them the notion they could be their own masters; and out of that idea has come the terrifying sins of the world as man desperately tries to find something other than God that will satisfy him.

When serving our neighbour let us remember that light comes only at the cost of that which produces it. Burning must come before shining. We cannot be of great use to others without cost to ourselves.

Let go of Life.  Get hold of God.

Mark 15: 3. 'He answered nothing.' In situations where we resent slights against us and respond with what we considered to be righteous anger and distress we should never forget that our saviour, when reviled, held His Peace. Let us do likewise.

Instead of doing God's Will we request a definition and try to intellectualize His commands so that when He tells us to love our enemies we ask, “How?” and then, “All of them?” “Even those who are very wicked?” until finally His command fades into nothing amid the How, the Where and the When, questions.

Some folk are so absorbed with the facts surrounding their existence they have little time for their meaning.

God will give us the strength to face those things which happen to us but not the cloud of worrying things that might happen. (Matthew  6:34.)

Calling ourselves Christian does not necessarily make us Christian just as calling ourselves a brain surgeon does not make us so unless we have the necessary qualifications and experience.

'Security', is without doubt the near impassable barrier between God and Mankind.

It is impossible to truly love your neighbour until you love God.

If you wish to keep your heart from being broken then lock it away in the casket of selfishness.

There are two kinds of folk: those who say to God, 'Thy will be done', and those to whom God says, 'Thy will be done'.

All who finish in hell choose it themselves for no soul that seriously desires Heaven will ever be denied.

When Jesus told us to take up our cross He tells us that this life is not about avoidance of suffering or a matter of self preservation.

Whatever our cross we must willingly shoulder it.

Christ's coming began the conversion of gentiles as before the passion the One God was known only in Judea.

Judas, one of the Apostles proves that no society is without evil.

Christ also washed the feet of Judas during supper thereby treading underfoot the universal tendency to pride..(Luke. 14: 16.)

Christ loved us before we loved Him therefore we should love our neighbours before they love us.

Security is a Christian's greatest enemy.

We were told to ask for our daily bread and not a lifetime pension.

Faith is our link to Divinity and prayer our Hotline.

God is like a fish hook. First the fish has to grab the hook before the hook can grab the fish.

Proverbs 18: 2 A fool takes no pleasure in understanding but only in expressing his opinion.

Christianity speaks not of the ascent from ape to man but from man to God.

Do not place a watertight bulkhead between religious and temporal lives as we are meant by God to live fully in both.

The dreadful wood of the cross spoke of the Death of God and the Life of man.

With science we are given only the chapters of a story but with Christianity we have the story itself.

An individual will know they have increased in righteousness when they discover they have increased joy when doing righteous acts.

Try to exclude the possibility of suffering which the order of nature and the existence of free-wills involve and you will find that you have excluded life itself.

Evolution is a not a doctrine of biological improvement but of biological change, some of which have been better(?) some worse(?) 

Christ is God's Forgiveness. It is the movement of the loved towards the unlovely.

Liberal Christianity can only offer an ineffectual response to increasing unbelief.

One should love according to need and not according to merit.


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