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In the Beginning

According to the latest scientific thought on the Big Bang theory of creation, the entire contents of the palpable universe when it was just a few billionths of a second old were compressed into a wave-like blur of energy so small it could pass through an aperture the size of a pin head. This then developed at incredible speed into a scenario of unbelievably brilliant and energetic light being changed into matter which eventually coalesced into the universe in which we live.

In Genesis 1: 3  we are also told:  "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

All life, at least as we know it, is carbon based with carbon making up around 18% of the  human body.  Carbon atoms come only from exploding stars: stars that had taken some ten billion years plus to evolve from the dawn of the universe exploded and spewed forth their unimaginably fiery contents; part of the inert debris cooled and formed that which we know as earth and then came the formation of life which emerged from the primordial soup and formed an organism which then developed from a single cell over a further period of five billion years or so into a cognitive creature so advanced, that it is capable not only of reproducing itself, but is also able to inquire after its genesis; investigate not only the origins of its physical existence but also to consider the metaphysical aspects of why it is here.

Even the most imaginative science fiction writer might find it impossible to chronicle a scenario whereby totally inert atoms from dying stars evolve over aeons of time to the point where they form into conscious entities that are capable of seeking out their origin. 

We are therefore a physical part of the universe in which we live, which in turn means that this highly developed entity we call humankind is the progeny of the stars. This truly makes us sons and daughters of the universe and then, by definition, brothers and sisters.

The likelihood during any of the countless, violent, cataclysmic events that have occurred during the billions of years since the formation of the universe from the time of the Big Bang, preventing first life and then human life developing into the cognisant creature we have become is beyond calculation.

Without a blueprint from an intelligent designer - call it what you will - the possibility of humanity emerging from the utterly shambolic chaos of creation would be zilch. To simply say – 'Well, it has emerged by some fluke' and leave it there is nothing but a monumental and very unscientific cop-out.  It therefore seems very strange for so many to deny that the most complex machine on the planet by far is without a designer.

It is theorized that the Big Bang was not an event-horizon but a singularity. However, unlike the singularity in a black hole that is located at a well-defined point in space, the Big Bang singularity is envisaged as being localized in time.

Our finest scientific minds attempt to take us back to the time of the Big Bang but of the time before that cataclysmic event; before, as construed by many, even spacetime began, there has been nothing said that is any more than mere speculation.

I have seen no improvement from either science or philosophy on the words of Genesis. ch1: v1, where we are told: 'In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth'

Therefore, with our inability to even begin to understand the Alpha and Omega timeline of God, we must there let it rest.

Does God care more for the suns and planets than He does for His children?

Hardly, for these are but a part of God's workshop and tools for the bringing forth of righteous folk to fill his house of Love.