THe narrow road leading to the narrow gate is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow _______ now scroll down for more..

What is the reality of Reality?

Being creatures of the five senses and living as we do in a material world we are overwhelmingly subject to the physical reality that surrounds us which we experience by means of our five senses of sight, sound, hearing, touch and taste.

Hardly surprising that many believe the physical world to be the only reality, for it impinges powerfully on the consciousness of mankind as it needs to do, for without the five senses we would not be able to interact with, nor have even minimum control over our environment.

Shaped like an almond, the amygdala within our brain is primarily responsible for multiple emotional responses such as love; fear; anger; sexual desire etc and responds to sensory input by initiating a medley of diverse feelings that can powerfully affect the actions and behaviour of an individual. Additionally, we possess the intellectual capacity necessary to enable the action or process of developing an understanding of the world around us through thought and experience.

Is the physical world we experience through our five senses the only reality? Humanity has been searching for an alternate reality for thousands of years and to enable that alternative to come into focus all that is required is for us to detach ourselves by prayer from our earthly surroundings for a while and enter the presence of God who created the physical world in which we live,

It is in this world where we, equipped with five senses, are first enabled, if we so wish, to discover and engage with the Love and Spiritual Reality of God in His environment which exists far beyond the understanding of human intellect.

As with everything in our lives we have been given the free will to make a choice and how we spend eternity depends on the choice we make.


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