THe narrow road leading to the narrow gate is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow _______ now scroll down for more..

Why is the Creation of a perfect God, so imperfect?

Why indeed? The answer seems to lie in both the evolutionary nature chosen by God to enable mankind to evolve, plus the fact that we have been given the freewill to decide for ourselves whether to obey God or not and that tussle has been going on since the emergence of mankind from the mists of time until the present day.

People today are neither better nor worse than they have ever been but with the rapid escalation of technology we now possess the means to pollute the planet and the minds of people like never before and the knowledge we have gained of the micro composition of our creation allows us to develop weapons with indescribable powers for destruction. With the rapid escalation of technology mankind is more than capable of destroying his environment and if past history is any guide then he will do so and nothing in Scripture is there to disabuse us of that fact.

From the first amoeba that developed in the primordial soup, has emerged the cognisant creature called man and within his DNA he still possesses many of the characteristics so necessary for his survival. Apart from his cognition and an opposable thumb he is no different to a beast of the field in the sense that he seeks a mate, desires to procreate, breathes air, eats and drinks to feed and hydrate his body and defecates and urinates to rid himself of waste.

Here we have a thinking animal with the only difference being that along with his intellect and opposable thumb he has been given a soul by the God who gave him life and form; a creature that was created by God to join Him everlastingly in Love in His Kingdom.

When God decided that it was time for the created creature with its brutal instincts for survival still intact to begin to develop a spiritual nature we see the emergence of its spiritual nature in cave paintings from 40,00 years ago, with some believed to be even earlier.

Then came the Law along with the Prophets who disseminated God's 'Law'; His T&C's, in fact, for the smooth running of mankind. It proved impossible for man to keep God's Law in anywhere near its entirety and so, finally, God manifested Himself in Christ to bring us Life through Grace.

The development of mankind has been in the main composed of the despairing attempt by us to make much into more and to do our own thing and with them has come the evils of murder, paedophilia, prostitution, slavery and drug abuse to name but five and there are many others: not least of which is the looming destruction through atmospheric pollution of the earth's environment.  

Trying to live a life apart from our creator must, just as night follows day, lead to our eventual destruction.

It is really no different from our having a car which is never serviced.  Eventually it is fit only for the scrap heap.