THe narrow road leading to the narrow gate is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow _______ now scroll down for more..


When, as was recorded in the Gospel of Matthew 6: 5-13, Jesus was asked how to pray by one of His disciples He gave as an answer that which we know as The Lords Prayer.  By this prayer we are shown not to ask for the moon and stars, for Jesus well knew goodness will only reign in the world when each and every one of us is 'good', and so our prayers should be mainly focused on praise for God, His coming Kingdom, His will being done on earth, our need for our daily requirements plus a recognition of our own  shortcomings and the need for our sanctification.  If you feel the need to add more then by all means do so as God will be listening. 

The exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings with God is the one need of the soul above all else and prayer is the beginning of that exchange. 

Prayer is every human being's hotline to God, we are accorded the same privileges as was given to the Apostles and we use the same Lord's Prayer that they used. God has no favourites.

Psalm 109:4. I will give myself unto prayer.  It is an elemental principal of the Christian Faith that no real growth in Holiness can ever be gained by one who did not take time to be long and often alone with God.

We are told by Jesus that there is no need to bang on using many words or fancy phrases so keep it simple and from the heart. Remember, we know only that which we want whilst God knows that which we need and whilst our prayers flow from what we are not, God's answers make us what we are.

If God, maker of all things visible and invisible, knows exactly what our requirements are then why should we bother to pray? Speaking to God in prayer means that we articulate our thanks, praise, need for forgiveness, undersdtanding and the necessities of life in a way that helps us to better acknowledge the relationship we have with Him.

 Remember that God is not interested in flannel or dissembling. Pour your heart out to Him. Let Him have all your problems, all your moans and groans. Ask Him to help you love your fellow man, woman and child, more and more. If you truly believe when you ask for help that you will receive it, then you will receive it.  However, it seems to be fairly self-evident that on occasion Infinite Wisdom might change or even refuse that which Ignorance requests in all innocence.

By praying often we learn how to pray and the more we pray the more often we are able to pray and the better we are able to pray, and perseverance with prayer is necessary to achieve frequency in prayer. When praying we are in the presence of God as we offer our prayers through Christ who intercedes for us and so the power of prayer is as real as the law of gravity.

When we engage in prayer on a regular basis it becomes a joy and not a duty to be used only when help is needed. Prayer is mankind's direct line to God and each individual has their own personal number to call that is never engaged and is open to receive our calls every second of our lives. Just cry 'Abba, Father' for that is all that is required for our call to be answered.

If you want to get warm you must spend time near a source of heat; if you wish to get wet then you need to be in water and so if you wish to know God more and more then each day you need time spent in prayer with Him.

As an act, prayer is just another way in which we can alter events; otherwise why bother in any way whatsoever to try and change things. Each time we drive our car or pass the salt at table we change things.

Sadly we usually resort to prayer as an act of despair when worldly approaches seem cut off from us.

You might ask, 'Why should the good of anyone depend on the prayer of another?'  The answer would be to ask in turn, 'Why should Love be powerless to help another?'

If Jesus, the Son of God, deemed it necessary to rise early morning to pour out His heart to God in prayer, how much more is our need to pray to Him who is the Giver of life and all good things.

God is pouring out His Love on the world non-stop and it's free. Let's GO and get it!