THe narrow road is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to follow.

Hell and Satan

Hell is rarely spoken about today from the pulpit and yet all references to them in the New Testament are Dominical in the sense they come only from the mouth of the Christ Himself. Whether Hell is an actual place containing a lake of burning sulphur or the dreadful fact of our being separated from God for all eternity is quite beside the point for either ending would be the horrific finale to a mortal life.

It is self-evident from reading scripture that whilst each member of the human race is destined for life eternal the alternative states within eternity are either spent with God or without Him and this is made abundantly clear to us in Christ's parable about the rich man and Lazarus with the unbridgeable, never-to-be-crossed chasm set permanently in place between them.

We must die to the self gratifying pleasures of this world before we die, for it will be too late to do so afterwards. There are countless, different, roads we can travel through this life but there's not one that doesn't lead us eventually to either Heaven or hell and the choice of every lost soul is that it is better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.

Judgement Day is a concept very familiar and very terrible to Christians that cannot in any way be separated from the teaching of Jesus. Indicative of Jesus' warning is His story of the wise and foolish virgins with the door being closed on the marriage feast with some inside and some outside in the dark.

From Jesus' own words emerges the picture of hell. We ignore His warnings at our peril.

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