THe narrow road is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to follow.

Why do we need to grow in Love?

Why do we need to grow in Love in order to be acceptable to God? The love of God and of neighbour are the only doors out of the dungeon of self and when we leave the 'self' and enter God's Kingdom through the narrow gate we are given gifts such as we could not even begin to conceive whilst still in our earthly form and life with God will then transcend by far the most sublime longings of those who have not yet made the transition.

All who gain entrance will live in timeless eternity with the God of Love because their faith in and love for God and their fellow human beings whilst still in fleshly bodies was responsible for them being given, as told in Revelations, their white stone on which is carved the name known only to God and to themselves and this reveals more than anything else that each of us will occupy our own place in God.

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