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Why we need God's Grace

The Christian life originated in God’s grace and its continuation depends solely upon the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; the Lamb of God. 

The Hebrew word for any kind of sin is 'avera', literally meaning a falling short of God's perfection and this, in spite of any and all efforts to the contrary, is that which we do continually. When God manifested Himself in Christ it was His acceptance that mankind did not possess the necessary discipline to be saved by 'good works' alone. What was required was for God to give His Grace to the world by Himself paying the price for mankind's considerable wrongdoings in the only way possible and that was through the sacrificial death of Himself as an atonement but of course, God cannot die for He is eternal and everlasting and so in order to achieve the one act of His creation he could not duplicate whilst in His eternal form He had to manifest Himself in the form of humanity and this He achieved by planting His seed and becoming a foetus in the womb of a virgin peasant girl who carried that foetus to term and then gave birth to the man/God, Jesus, whom she fed at her breast and nurtured to manhood.

Only then, having taken human form could God die to pay the price for the dreadful falling short of His creation from His own perfection and so through Jesus came Grace, the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that through the belief in and acceptance of Him, all might be saved by true repentance and forgiveness.

Here, revealed to us, is the real meaning of Agape as being the deep and abiding Love of God for His creation. The God who cannot die did just that by adopting the form of one of His creation so that His creation with all its wrongdoing might be given the chance to live.  Humankind with all its evil could not be let off the hook unless someone paid the ultimate price for all their evil ways.

And so, to enable mankind to become Sons of God, God became man and died a humiliating and excruciatingly painful death by being nailed to a cross.