THe narrow road leading to the narrow gate is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow _______ now scroll down for more..

Trying to keep a Foot in each Camp

Whilst Jesus told us to live the absolute ethic right now we try desperately to keep a foot firmly in both camps and this Jesus assured us we cannot do. We must always be alive to the inherent dangers when desperately attempting at all costs to keep a foot firmly entrenched in the camps of both the Eternal and the Temporal for God will have nothing less than all of us.

Whilst we are undoubtedly creatures of the five senses and powerfully affected by them we must recognize that the temporal life has no other purpose than to act as our training ground for the eternal and will give to us the wherewithal, should we so desire, to develop to the highest possible level of spiritual perfection it is possible for us to achieve whilst still wearing our earthly clothes and thereby making us worthy to enter into life eternal with a loving God.

When Christ told us, 'Be ye perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect' Matt,5:48 He really meant it. John recognized in his letter in the New Testament that whilst we are still in the flesh we will always be sinners in thought, word and deed, due to faults in our nature and nurture and that those faults can only be overcome by recognizing them, repenting them and then seeking God's forgiveness to expunge and overcome them.

Whilst we do need to render to both God and Caesar whilst living out our lives in this world it is only by embracing God's camp more and Caesar's camp less that we can ultimately obtain an eternity of joy.

To have one penny more in this life than we really need  is to diminish the share of others.