THe narrow road leading to the narrow gate is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow _______ now scroll down for more..

The lid to Pandora's Box is well and truly open

In greek mythology Pandora's Box tells of the dangers posed by humankind's insatiable curiosity. 

Science by its very nature is amoral or value neutral and whilst this might be true of science itself it can hardly apply to scientists who are human and thus vulnerable to all temptations which humanity is heir to. It is a simple matter to pursue knowledge for its own sake but infinitely more difficult, if not impossible, to deal with the consequences of subsequent discoveries.

The lid of Pandora's Box is now wide open, its content made available to the world via electronic media, and therefore it cannot be shut. The driving force behind scientific enquiry is, in the main, man's insatiable desire to seek out knowledge for its own sake with scant regard for any moral dilemmas that might ensue.

Many examples of this dichotomy abound in the fields of nuclear physics, eugenics, genetic manipulation of both plants and animals, robotics, global warming et al where the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge is not accompanied by an equivalent growth in man's moral sagacity to cope with it.

The search for knowledge and the accompanying rapid increase in technology will continue to outstrip the ability of mankind to use its findings wisely and for the common good and thereby hasten its demise.

My tendency is to have an apocalyptic view of the future. Why? Arguably, mankind might be neither better nor worse than in the past but today it possesses, and is more than capable of using, world destroying weapons of heretofore unimaginable power. This applies to the nuclear field, A.I., eugenics, robotics and virus manipulation to name but five, whilst there are many more possibilities available for global destruction. 

The last thing in Pandora's box was hope but even that aspirational entity has now become more of a pipe dream than a likely prospect.