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Gospel Truths 

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As Christians we must treat others in exactly the same way we would have God treat us for that is how we will be judged.

The Glad and Glorious Creator never made His Creation for sorrows for they are but a stormy strait through which  we must sail on our way to His ocean of peace.

Many are deluded into believing that in some way time cancels out sin and that bad things committed many years ago have been forgotten by God due to their being in the past. Not so! Sins are not neutralized by time but only by repentance and the by the blood of Christ.

God is always pleased with the first tottering steps of a little one who wants to walk in His way, and yet is never satisfied with anything but the  purposeful stride of the one who is full grown.

All ground is Holy and every bush a Burning Bush.

The Bible does not request that we look at it as 'the' Word, 'the' Truth, 'the' Way, for its purpose is to lead us to Jesus who fulfils all three.

Miracles of Jesus were ordinary works of His Father made small that we might better understand them. Poor indeed was the making of wine in the stone jars at Cana when compared to the abundant growth of the vine with its clusters of ripening grapes, gathering from the earth the water that had to be carried in pitchers and then poured into the stone jars at Cana.

God will not force any door to enter.

God withholds that man might ask.

To the worldly who are pondering how to make much into more, the glory of the Lord is but a mere detail.

To confront creation with eyes that are pure is to possess it.

Jesus loved the world and the things of the world, not as men of the world love them but finding His Father in everything.

He that feeds the ravens and the sparrows says to His children - “Love one another.”

At the end of each day we must ask: "What have I done this day?" Have I been like the parable whereby I say: "I go, but went not?"

Fortunately our Lord cares infinitely more for that which is lower than Himself than we do for that which is lower than us.

Time does not forgive sins, only the blood of Christ can do that.

Unless we illuminate scripture with the light of Christ then we are in danger of falling into a thousand errors.

As in chess, so in life.  When the game is finally over, whether King or Pawn, they both return to the place where they began and in so doing are of equal importance.

Followers of Christ must not only let their light shine before others but that light must be both bright and crystal clear.

When a Christian welds 'Will' to 'Conscience' then another step has been taken on the narrow road which leads to the Kingdom of God.

A creature revolting against its creator is doing so against the fountainhead of its own power and this is no different to the scent of a flower trying to destroy the flower. 

Jesus really knew how to spend time 'alone' with God when He told us that when we Pray we must find the secret place, enter, and then close the door.

 Because of our less than perfect righteousness no Word of His will be misunderstood by those who are followers of Christ, nor will our being less than perfect hide us from the face of our Father in Heaven.

With theology the scientist is free to continue with his experiments and the Christian with his prayers.

The opposite of love is not only hate for it can also be indifference.

In one hour of silent prayer the soul will progress more than when in company with others.  (Luke: 9:10.)

Some have substituted religion for God as if navigation were a substitute for arrival or battle for victory.

The danger of the word religion is that it carries the idea that it is just one more department of life and thereby added to the political, social and all the rest.

The Lord gives His Spirit to those who obey Him.

Whilst it might undertake other activities the real purpose of the church is the salvation of souls. If it is not doing that then it might as well close its doors.

We have to be reconciled to God and not Him to us.

There is all the Love of the Father and Son on God's side whilst on the side of His creation there lives pride and selfishness.

Whilst Jesus told us to live the absolute ethic right now we like to keep a foot in both camps and this is what Jesus told us we couldn't do.

Those who go on obeying also go on discovering. 'To them that have shall be given.'

Abraham was at the beginning of the long, slow preparation of the Jewish people.

Mankind is given freewill to do wrong that man might choose good and become like God.


Usually we accept Jesus on our terms and not on His.

Those who cannot believe without signs or wonders can never truly believe.

Look to Jesus for freedom from our human limitations and from the bondage of our finite existence.

John was the Apostle who knew the deep things of God and he brings to us sublime doctrines.

There is not even the slightest fellowship of righteousness with unrighteousness and so that which we might call the lesser of two evils is still an evil and should be rejected.

All our statements about God are extrapolations from our understanding of other things that God has revealed to us. How else can we know anything about the unknowable?

God is outside time and so that which we call the present is infinite to God as He has neither past nor future which in Him is merged to form a single Substance: His Holy Present where He dwells eternally.

Einstein maintained that time is a great illusion and so it is.

The elevation of self over God is mankind's most persistent temptation

The life-giving activity of Love has been occurring eternally in God and has created everything else.

An individual might suddenly change and become burnished gold instead of lustreless clay.

Reading the New Testament one must conclude that the effect Jesus had on those who met Him caused one of three reactions: Terror, Hatred or Adoration. There was not even a trace of either mild approval or disapproval. Either love Him or hate Him was the order of the day.

Those who walked in the light loved Him whilst those who walked in darkness both feared and hated Him.

Man's consciousness of himself is but a shadow of his eternal being.

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