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The Theology of Giving

John Chrysostom, c. 349 – 407 a.d. was Archbishop of Constantinople, and a well known and outspoken early Church Father.  Due to his gifted oratory he earned the nickname 'Golden Mouth'.   The following are his words preached on the theology of giving....


"When you see on earth the man who has encountered the shipwreck of poverty, do not judge him, do not seek an account of his life, but free him from his misfortune. . . . The poor man has one plea, his want and his standing in need: . . . but even if he is the most wicked of all men, let us free him from hunger. We show mercy on him not because of his virtue but because of his misfortune, in order that we ourselves may receive from the Master, His great mercy. 

Duties to an enemy means you give him his due whether or not he gives you yours. If you owe him a pound and he owes you a million you must pay him the pound whether he pays you the million or not." 


This is how we must  behave to be obedient to the teaching of Christ.