THe narrow road leading to the narrow gate is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow _______ now scroll down for more..

Dont liberalize the Gospel message

When a moral concept doesn't agree with either an individual's own interests, beliefs or understanding as to how it should be then it frequently gets trimmed back and altered to make it better fit their own particular world-view.

We all know what happens when a jug of clear water is poured into a bowl containing a bright red solution – it dilutes the whole to a pale pink and the more clear water is poured in the paler the mix becomes until the final liquid is neither clear nor is it red. It might appear to be a new and attractive colour but it no longer possesses the powerful colour property it first possessed.

That is analogous to what happens when liberal Theologians, Bishops, Clergy et al believe that some of the Gospel sayings are either too harsh, incorrectly reported, or too complex for their flock to understand. Instead of gently explaining in detail with patience and compassion to those who find it difficult to grasp the complexities, they embark on the 'wide path' of watering down or liberalizing Gospel Truths until new 'truths' are preached which might appear more attractive and easier to swallow but are a pale imitation of Gospel Truths. Whilst they are busy preaching semantics and manipulating words and phrases to skilfully obfuscate the Truths contained within the message of the Gospels, their hearers, the flock they should be leading, are left spiritually floundering.

Thus many clergy of all denominations are encouraging their flocks to wrongly believe that the 'Wide Road' they think easier to travel will still lead to the 'Narrow Gate' but they are deluded. Those who tread the 'Wide Road' will enter through the 'Wide Gate' and thus into 'Oblivion' and this is Christ's warning to all. (Matthew 7:13-14

The Christian world needs to return to moral absolutes and not rely on a yardstick which keeps altering and adapting its ethic-length to perceived and ever changing societal needs. When that is allowed to happen it means that any understanding of right and wrong is defined by the current climate of thought and is often bereft of justice that has been replaced by sentiment or emotion.

Diluted Gospel Truths are either being condoned or ignored in many churches not only by its members but also by its clergy. I realize that many issues presented in this media-controlled world leave folk believing they have a right to do what they like for so long as it meets their  own personal view of morality, and for those who have no foundational Christian belief such changing views might apply but it most certainly does not apply to Christians.

Whatever might be claimed to the contrary the commandments of God, the Love of God and the Love of Neighbour must be the paramount pillars of a Christian's life, whatever might be preached, or statutes passed, to the contrary.

All wrongdoing is blasphemy.  Why? Because it goes against the Commandments of God.  The beliefs and actions of a Christian should always strive to obey the injunctions of God no matter how difficult it might be for us to do so.

Christ, in Matthew 24:35 told us in no uncertain terms that "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." (be changed) and we ignore Him at our peril.

Being obedient to Christ is the true meaning of living a Christian Life.