THe narrow road is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow.

Christians should take from the world that which they need and not that which they want.

John 1:14  The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Everyone who is a follower of Jesus has His Spirit.

There is one religion in which the more devoted to it a person is the fewer followers they will make and that is the worship of 'Self'.

Two read the Bible day and night: one reads black the other one white.

Mankind finds it difficult to get what it wants from God because it does not want the best. God sometimes finds it hard to give because He would only give the best and mankind will not take it.

When serving our neighbour let us remember that light comes only at the cost of that which produces it. Burning must come before shining. We cannot be of great use to others without cost to ourselves.

When a Christian's Will joins with their Conscience then the road home to God will become easier.

Those who have come to know God, worship Him, whilst those who do not yet know God call their worship 'religion'.  

The Gospel message was given to simple fishermen who recounted the Gospel of the Kingdom to us as opposed to one founded on human interpretation that almost certainly would have been the case if given by learned clerics.  Even so, it has since suffered terribly at the hands of the 'wise and prudent'.

A little science estranges man from God but much science leads them back to him. Louis Pasteur.

Righteousness is the very foundation stone of our existence.

We either share infinity with God or we are enslaved by the finite.

No one will be righteous unless their will is to be righteous.

Duty lies at our door and whether small or large we must do it.

A Christian is not really complete until their will is forged with their conscience.

Few are willing to set foot on the stair leading to wisdom.

Obedience to God is the source of all we can know of Him.

Until we obey God the light in us remains darkness.

We cannot be righteous without Him who made us.

Jesus' place of prayer was never the temple but always the mountain top.

At His word see how the the worldly water turns to wine and how its bread grows more bread. We call it viniculture and agriculture.

Christ had no care for having, as many count having, for His having was to have that of His Father.

Jesus never said, “This is mine, not yours”. What He did and does say is “All things are mine, therefore they are yours.

Through the false and infernal desire to possess things we make them our tyrants.

Let not our tongues wound ourselves or others with thoughtless, sinful sound.

Jesus can rule all the things in His Father's house but not those men of religion who, either deliberately or through error, preach falsehoods.  They must wait until the day of judgement to be ruled.

The temple that knows not its builder is no temple.

Jesus is the real refuge of those oppressed.

At death, Christians will enter a world where every good thing imaginable will be fact.

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