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We can be sure that every thought and intention we have is no mystery to God and when we join with Him it will no longer be a mystery to us.  As Christians we are truly blessed creatures for our eyes will behold God as He is in all His majesty and Glory. (1Cor 13: 12-13)

It is our faith in God which links us to the Divine and clothes us with God's power.

Those who walked in the light loved Him whilst those who walked in darkness both feared and hated Him.

Man's consciousness of himself is but a shadow of his eternal being.

True peace is not the absence of conflict in a life but the presence of Christ.

Gladness may make a Christian forget their thanksgiving whilst unhappiness encourages prayer.

However asset rich we might be we are only their stewards whilst we live.

It's a sobering fact that we entered the world with nought but a cry and with nothing and in silence we will leave it.

We dull our understandings with trifles and waste Heavenly spaces with hurry.

The purpose of the Commandments was never that humankind should succeed in obeying them but finding they could not do so they would turn to the Source of Life to make their fulfilment possible.

When tempted in the wilderness, the obedient Son, although hungry, would not say that a stone was bread because the Father had said it was stone.

All the time the mighty oak tree was in the heart of the tiny acorn: as is  the mighty God, in our hearts.

Possessions only become a burden when we waste too much of our precious time and concern repairing, replacing, scheming or obsessing about them.

Matthew 27. 45-54. During the crucifixion the sun hid and the whole country became dark; the earth quaked; bodies were raised from their graves; mountains were rent asunder and together they revealed that Christ on the cross was, and is, God as they bore a violent witness to the death of their Master. 

Mark 15: 3. "He answered nothing."  In situations where we resent sights and respond with what we consider to be righteous anger and distress, we should never forget that our Saviour when reviled, held His peace. Let us do likewise.

The utter folly of any human mind is trying to explain God before obeying Him.

Christians should take from the world that which they need and not that which they want.

John 1:14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Everyone who is a follower of Jesus has His Spirit.

There is one religion in which the more devoted to it a person is the fewer followers they will make and that is the worship of 'Self'.

Two read the Bible day and night: one reads black the other one white.

Mankind finds it difficult to get what it wants from God because it does not want the best. God sometimes finds it hard to give because He would only give the best and mankind will not take it.

When serving our neighbour let us remember that light comes only at the cost of that which produces it. Burning must come before shining.  We cannot be of great use to others without cost to ourselves.

When a Christian's Will joins with their Conscience then the road home to God will become easier.

Those who have come to know God, worship Him, whilst those who do not yet know God call their worship 'religion'.

The Gospel message was given to simple fishermen who recounted the Gospel of the Kingdom to us as opposed to one founded on human interpretation that almost certainly would have been the case if given by learned clerics. Even so, it has since suffered terribly at the hands of the 'wise and prudent'.

A little science estranges man from God but much science leads them back to him. Louis Pasteur.

Righteousness is the very foundation stone of our existence.

We either share infinity with God or we are enslaved by the finite.

No one will be righteous unless their will is to be righteous.

Duty lies at our door and whether small or large we must do it.

A Christian is not really complete until their will is forged with their conscience.

Few are willing to set foot on the stair leading to wisdom.

Conversion to the Christian Faith requires not only a change of the will of an individual but also the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

It is only by our going through the doorway that Christ has opened for us will we eventually be able to enter, and live for all eternity, in the loving presence of God. There is no other way. (John 14: 6.)

Usually we accept Jesus on our terms and not on His.

Those who cannot believe without signs or wonders can never truly believe.

Look to Jesus for freedom from our human limitations and from the bondage of our finite existence.

John was the Apostle who knew the deep things of God and he brings to us sublime doctrines.

There is not even the slightest fellowship of righteousness with unrighteousness and so that which we might call the lesser of two evils is still an evil and should be rejected.

All our statements about God are extrapolations from our understanding of other things that God has revealed to us. How else can we know anything about the unknowable?

God is outside time and so that which we call the present is infinite to God as He has neither past nor future which in Him is merged to form a single Substance: His Holy Present where He dwells eternally.

Einstein maintained that time is a great illusion and so it is.

The elevation of self over God is mankind's most persistent temptation.

The life-giving activity of Love has been occurring eternally in God and has created everything else.

An individual might suddenly change and become burnished gold instead of lustreless clay.

Reading the New Testament one must conclude that the effect Jesus had on those who met Him caused one of three reactions: Terror, Hatred or Adoration. There was not even a trace of either mild approval or disapproval. Either love Him or hate Him was and is the order of the day.



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