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Gospel Truths

James 4:7  KJV "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."  This is the only way of life.

Reading the New Testament one must conclude that the effect Jesus had on those who met Him caused one of three reactions: Terror, Hatred or Adoration. There was not even a trace of either mild approval or disapproval. Either love Him or hate Him was and still is, the order of the day.

If we wish to get wet we must immerse ourselves in water: if we wish to become more holy we must immerse ourselves in the only source of holiness. How?  It is an elemental principal of the Christian Faith that no real growth in Holiness can ever be gained by one who did not take time to be long and often alone with God in Prayer. 

We must never start a new day without having first asked God to accompany us.

The temple that knows not its builder is no temple.

Jesus is the real refuge of those oppressed.

At death, Christians will enter a world where every good thing imaginable will be fact.

Matthew 5: 4. "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted."

Would simple restoration be sufficient comfort for the heart of Jesus to give?

To imply Blessed implies something better than that which was before possessed and it is that which shall be given.

The Kingdom of God is for those who are poor in spirit for it is indeed they who will inherit the New Earth.

That it troubles you is reason enough, for nothing is too small to be brought before God.

When I die I want no one to mourn and play sad songs for they are to sound reveille as I rise to my life with God.

The hand of God is on all things, even those we call inert matter. Not a single atom could dance and form the pattern they do without the vivifying input from their Creator.

Acts of goodness bring a life enhancing 'light' into the mind of the doer but wrongdoing brings only a life-obscuring 'fog.'

Every gift of God is only a herald of His greatest and all sufficing gift - that of Himself.

To bring all to His knee, God witholds that we might ask.

Those who are made in the image of God must know Him or be desolate.

Each of us is a plant in God's garden, watered, shone upon and filled with life and all for the sake of the flower which lies at its heart.

We must make certain that no possession is allowed to become an idol.  It is easily done, especially with those items we class as having sentimental value.

Job 4: 16.  "In the silence I heard a still voice."  Psalm 46. 10.  "Be still and know that I am God".  Just as dew rarely settles on a stormy night it is rare for the grace of our Lord to come and dwell for long in a restless soul, but for those who surrender utterly their lives to God through Christ there comes a deep rest which the world can neither give nor take away.

Before God will enter the door to our hearts it must be opened for Him by our willing hands, otherwise the foot of Love will never step across the threshold.

We are perpetually in bondage to whatever we cannot part with.

To love fully our fellow creatures can only be done succesfully if we first love God.

Forgiveness means first destroying the sin then forgiving the sinner.

To not forgive someone is spiritual assassination.

The word God is just that unless we know Him.

God is glad when we, like the Prodigal, say, 'I will go to my Father.'

We are not yet at journeys end but are still travelling the road that leads expectantly to our becoming a part of our Father.

All mankind is destined to live for an eternity which they will spend either in Heaven or hell; that is, with God or apart from Him.

We must never doubt for one moment that one or the other is our destination for it is our Lord that tells of the narrow road and the narrow gate that both lead to Heaven and are easily missed and the wide road and the wide gate that many take to eternal oblivion.

In the New Testament all warnings about hell are dominical inasmuch as they come from the mouth of the Christ Himself.

The glad Creator never made His children for sorrows, for life's distresses are just brief storms through which we must pass on our journey to God's Kingdom and because they are not a permanent feature of life we must look upon them as winds that blow within us to to winnow and cleanse our spirit.

Always we must remember that no one will carry their grief into Heaven.

Possessions only become a burden when we waste too much of our precious time and concern preserving them.

Like candles, Christians must burn themselves in order to give light to others.

Nature is mortal and so Christians will outlive her, for they will have eaten of the fruit of the tree of eternal life.

Obedience to God is the source of all we can know of Him.

Until we obey God the light in us remains darkness.

We cannot be righteous without Him who made us.

Jesus' place of prayer was never the temple but always the mountain top.

At His word see how the the worldly water turns to wine and how its wheat grows into bread. We call it viniculture and agriculture.

Christ had no care for having, as many count having, for His having was to have that of His Father.

Jesus never said, “This is mine, not yours”. What He did and does say is “All things are mine, therefore they are yours.

hrough the false and infernal desire to possess things we make them our tyrants.

Let not our tongues wound ourselves or others with thoughtless, sinful sound.




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