THe narrow road leading to the narrow gate is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow _______ now scroll down for more..

The meaning of Holiness.

Be neither puzzled by nor afraid of the word Holy. We see it bandied about in all its forms such as His Holiness, Holy Church, Holy Spirit, Holy Eucharist, holy mackerel, holy moly, etc but what exactly is its real meaning; how do we become Holy but more importantly, why should we bother?

The dictionary definition of the word Holy is 'the state of being religiously sacred and dedicated to God.'    In Psalm 109:4 we read, 'I will give myself unto prayer.'  and it is an elemental principal of the Christian Faith that no real growth in Holiness can ever be gained by one who did not take time to be long and often alone with God.

Holiness emerges in us as a result of believing in and loving God through prayer and the reading of Holy Scripture and by our walking in the fear and reverence of God and living a consecrated lifestyle that is pleasing to God. For someone to be Holy refers to them as being set apart from defilement. The Hebrew word translated “Holy” comes from a term meaning “separate.” Thus, what is Holy is separated from common use and held as being sacred, especially by virtue of its being clean and pure.

God is Holy to an unequivocal degree and Holiness is His defining characteristic. The Holiness of God is a term used in the Bible to describe both His goodness and His power. It is completely unique, and utterly all-powerful, radiating out from God to encompass Heaven and the universe.

What does the Bible say about Holiness? Holiness is loving what God loves and hating what God hates. Our Love for God is proven by obedience to Him and to His Written Word which is the Christian Bible and in particular the post-Baptist Gospels. So we must read and study the Bible (in particular the Gospels) and do what they say . When we obey the teaching of the Gospels, we are obeying God for He and His Word are One.

To become more Holy in our lives means we must develop a deep and abiding love of and longing for God through time spent with Him in Prayer and the regular reading of The Gospels and this will enable us to practice increasing self control in every area of our lives.

Whilst we must continue to Love and provide for our families we must increasingly set ourselves apart from the world around us; i.e. we must be in the world but not of the world. Slowly we must die to the interests of the world whilst increasing in our love for God and for others. We must make the pursuit of Holiness the driving force behind our existence; to be our very raison d'etre; the primary need in our lives. We must be sanctified by adopting the urgings of the Holy Spirit and by asking the Holy Spirit for help we must become obedient to the Gospels for without obedience there can never be Holiness.

Relentlessly we must hunt down the real Christ and as we increasingly absorb Him into our lives we will find within ourselves not only an increased Holiness but also a greater understanding and embracing of 'true' morality and not the insipid, watered down, self serving version of it as consistently peddled by the world's media.

Today, this very hour, let us begin walking in increased Holiness along the narrow road which leads to the narrow gate through which we will gain entry into God's Kingdom where a sumptuous feast of Love and Joy awaits us.

Hebrews 12: 14 KJV. "Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the LORD:"

As followers of Christ let us continue to grow in true, Godly, Holiness.