THe narrow road leading to the narrow gate is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow _______ now scroll down for more..

Gospel Truths

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The Christian hope is that, when in the Kingdom, we shall be changed from our present sinfulness to a future form that is an all embracing, 'sinlessness'

W'hen someone seeks Jesus de facto, and not simply out of curiosity but with a humble readiness to believe: then, and only then, will they find Him.

Never, ever be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

Those who have come to know Christ without first seeing Him with their eyes or hearing Him with their ears are truly blessed.

God would come and dwell in us if only we would open our hearts to Him.

It is through our humanity that we must climb up to the Divine.

When God created us He awoke in us a hunger and thirst for righteousness and then sent Christ with food to satisfy our hunger and drink to slake our thirst. Without Christ's food and drink that nourishes our souls and leads us to eternal life with the Father we will eternally starve.

The elevation of self over God is humankind's most persistent temptation.

We must always speak the truth that is in us and let the light of our love for God shine before others.

Christ's Himalayan heights are not easily visible from the world's lowlands and for us to be good climbers in those airless heights requires the oxygen of duties that are borne of love.

The desire to look better than we really are means we hide things because we are ashamed that we have known them and have done them.

The nearer we grow to God the clearer we see the dirt still left in us.

Everything is free in God's kingdom, nothing can be bought.

Obedience is the only way to become one with God.

The most saintly of folk when they come face to face with God will see just how bad they really are.

Jeremiah 23: 20. "Do I not fill Heaven and earth."  It is impossible to avoid God.

To the wise, to those who are not simple, simple words are inexplicable and that is why God is easily revealed to the childlike but less so to the keenest intellects.

That it troubles us is sufficient for God, for nothing is too small for Him.

God's giving is not limited by our expectations.

Revenge is a kind of wild justice that is easily satisfied.

The task of the Bible is to make us see Jesus that through Him we might come to know His Father, our Father, His God, our God.

Those who seek the Truth will be gladdened by revelation.

In prayer many ask for things of which they have no real need;  they should pray more like a little child.

A beast knows not that it is a beast and the nearer someone gets to being a beast the less they realize the change taking place in them.

Each and every morning we must break the crust of 'self' that has gathered about us overnight, and that can only be done with Prayer,.

We enter the narrow gate only by the forging together of our Faith in Christ with deeds born of Love towards our neighbour.

A continuous desire to be loved by any but God can result in a ruinous selfishness.

If we come to love the world then that is our punishment.

By obeying we learn how to obey, but we must always ensure that our obedience is to God. 

A conscience might be doing its job so well that it makes many surrounding it uncomfortable.

It is the heart that in not yet sure of God that is afraid to laugh in His presence.

Let us not turn away from the torrential, heavenly Fountain of Life in order that we might reside in the more stagnant, earthly cistern.

A great danger to Christians is having to live in a temporal world and the necessity of dealing with things not Holy.

Many examine the Jesus of the Gospels from head to foot and not finding Him like the Jesus of their own understanding, continue to kneel before a vague form and thereby worship a figure that has emerged from their own imagination.

It is not that which God can give us we want but God Himself.

If we die daily we will be happy when we come to Life.

Thankfully for our blessedness, the pleasure of possessions soon fades.

To say that someone might do wrong and be none the worse would be the same as saying that no might be yes or darkness, might be light.

The one thing that cannot be forgiven is the sin of refusing deliverance. It is impossible for God to forgive that for it would be like God taking part in it,.

No one is condemned for anything done, only continuing to do wrong.

The true disciple will always know that which he ought to do but not necessarily that which another ought to do.

To the one who obeys and thereby opens the door of their heart, God gives the Spirit of His Son.

Christ died to save us not from suffering but from ourselves, not from injustice but from being unjust.

Those who seek God for Himself as opposed to those that seek Him for that which He can give are likely to have their wishes granted because they are not likely to ask amiss.

The 'self' is given to us that wer might sacrifice it.

The Love that is born in us is our salvation from selfishness.

We must not allow our curiosity to 'wonder' scriptural Truths away.


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