THe narrow road leading to the narrow gate is not an easy road for  mortal humankind to successfully follow _______ now scroll down for more..

Gospel Truths.

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If all our striving is to value only our earthly life then it will become simply a region of hell but if we spare no effort to lose our earthly desires then it will become a part of Heaven.

All duties. great or small, that lie at the door of a Christian, must be done.

As Christians we must rule our anger; be courteous to all; let each of us hold another better than ourself and be just to our neighbour that we might love them.

We must beware of the path that runs for a time alongside the narrow way and then diverges.

No one can be good unless they wish to be good.

All those who truly understand good and evil must devote themselves to righteousness.

To cease 'wondering' is to become commonplace and is the least divine of our intellectual moods.

When perfected, then and only then will we inherit the earth but perfection can only be reached by obedience to the Commandments of God.

No Holiness can ever grow in the soil of injustice.

John 10:34. Jesus replied, "Is it not written in your Law: 'I have said you are gods'"? Where did He say that? Psalm 82: 6. "I have said, you are gods, and children of the most High."

Christians must never despise their body for it is a divine thing and in the image of the living God.

We are small Christians because we look at ourselves and not at Christ. We are content to scramble in our own defiled lowlands instead of looking at the highest snowy pinnacles of purity where Christ lives.

Many toil mightil to gather understanding by the use only of their five senses and, as a consequence, they deduce by that which they accumulate throughout their lives that there is no God.

Faith needs to be worked at to enable us to see more clearly that which we believe, and so, as said by Augustine of Hippo, "Faith is to believe what we do not see; and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe", and so the more we feed our faith with scripture and prayer the more it is able to withstand any attack made upon it and so with certainty it will spread its roots into the very soil of our being and become a lasting and permanent part of who we are:  then we will truly see and understand all that we believe. 

Christ, the Word, is not contained by His creation but actually contains all things within Himself. 

He is everywhere within His creation and yet is distinct from it.

The tree of knowledge will never prove to be the tree of life.

The more we seek after worldly possessions the more varied are the things we come to think we need.

A desire for fame is simply a wish for the applause of many.

Love is the only material from which the mansions of Heaven are built.

If someone refuses to harmonize their Christian faith and their earthly life then they have already chosen Mammon.

Those who do right yet seek no praise from others will be rewarded by God and such reward will indeed be a precious thing.

We must let our light shine so that others might praise not us for shining but God for creating the light.

If we do good to be praised by others then none will be forthcoming from the Father.

No one can be a true disciple of Christ whilst desiring fame and fortune.

Everyone is a temple of the Living God and whilst sadly we defile it, without God it would be a heap of rubble.

Let us not stumble along in the darkness of our opinions but walk confidently in the Light of Love.

Jesus had no thought of praise for His actions; He saw that only which He had to do and that which He had to be.

A desire to look better than one really is, is the hiding of things because we are ashamed that we have known them and have done them.

Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness will indeed be filled.

Christ's Himalayan heights are not easily visible from the world's lowlands and to be good climbers in those airless heights requires the ropes and oxygen of duties that are borne of love.

Always speak the truth that is in you. Let the light of your love of God shine before others.

Any time is the right time for good deeds to be done.

The arrogant continue to cry out against life whilst continuing to abuse it.

The source of suffering in the world is caused by the ever widening gap between Creator and created.

Now, this very instant, is the only time in which a duty can be done.

Believing, obedient, Christians are the divine family of the infinite Father.

No one speaks like Jesus spoke.

When unaccepted in Nazareth Jesus would perform no miracles.

Christ will have no followers who are delighted by miracles but will not obey His commandments.

Until we obey God in all things the 'Light' in us still contains some 'darkness' and this 'darkness' dilutes the light and thereby keeps us from perfection.

Heaven or Hell (whatever you might conceive Hell to be) is the final destination of each and every one of us and whichever road we travel through life it will eventually lead us to one or the other.


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